LC Vision Development Services available:


  • LC materials design
    1. Nematic LCs
    2. Ferroelectric LCs
    3. Custom LCs
    4. High HTP chiral dopants for tight pitch   LC mixtures
    5. DHFLC
    6. LC-Polymer enhancement additives
  1. Custom LC mixture formulation to achieve specific physical parameters and for modification and optimization of LC properties such as:
    1. Temperature range
    2. Birefringence (wavelength of light)
    3. Response speed
    4. Tilt angle
    5. Helical pitch
    6. Stability: UV, thermal, shock


  1. In addition to materials services, LC Vision can provide the support needed with regard to Intellectual Property, such as:
    1. Patent analysis
    2. Infringement issues
    3. Novelty review
    4. Expert Witness on contested patents

Please contact Dr. Wand at for further information.