Hours of LC Analysis - in Minutes

The LCAS-1 is an advanced liquid crystal (LC) evaluation instrument. Measurements done by hand taking hours per sample may now be done in minutes. As well, users may utilize their own cells if desired.

Ease of Use

The LCAS-1 measures the empty cell thickness an automatically uses this value in all subsequent calculations. The users own cells may be used, if desired. This is a plug-and-play system: you will be up and running in minutes, and analyzing samples just as quickly. The LCAS is a completely contained system!


The unique safety protection circuit integrated into the LCAS-1 allows the user to be completely protected from the high voltage waveform generator of the LCAS-1, even at its 120 V maximum. If the user accidentally shorts the leads, the LCAS-1 safety feature instantly turns off the LCAS-1 voltage. The LCAS-1 is then automatically reset, allowing the user to re-measure the sample with minimal loss in operation time.

In Under a Minute . . .

The LCAS-1 automatically and quickly measures in a single cell these nematic LC properties:

  • Threshold voltage (Vth) • Parallel dielectric (Epara)
  • Perpendicular dielectric (Eperp)
  • Dielectric anisotropy (ΔE)
  • Splay elastic Constant (K1)
  • Bend elastic constant (K3)
  • Rotational viscosity
  • Ionic density – both positive and negative ions
  • Will measure negative ΔE nematic liquid crystals using high to low voltage sweep)

LCAS-1 System Includes:

LCAS-1 unit, PCI card , DB-37 cable, Cell clip cable, Microclip cable (for use with custom cells), Box (50) of 4 ìm SiO2 anti-parallel aligned LC test cells (PI also available), PCI card, and LCAS software

The LCAS-1 is covered by a one-year warranty for parts and labor. The LCAS-1 requires at least a Pentium® IV computer systems with Win 2000® or XP®, VGA monitor, and printer.

Please view our online pdf brochures for more details.


The new LCAS-2 has all of the same great features as the LCAS-1, and includes three significant upgrades:

  • Higher voltage and frequency: – Up to 200 KHz at ±200 Vp – Up to 3.3 MHz at ±10 VP
  • VHR (voltage holding ratio) measurement using custom circuitry. This requires the VHR option box for the LCAS-2.
  • Residual DC Voltage measurement. This requires the VHR option box for the LCAS-2.
  • With the addition of the VHR coolNhot box to the LCAS-2, complete, automated Property vs. Temperature profiles can be captured from –20 to +120 C, with no commercial hot stage required.
Please view our online pdf brochures for more details.


Automatic Liquid Crystal Analysis System -III

  • High Resolution: 16 bit ADC
  • Fast: 3.3 -10 MHz
  • Ultra low noise: <0.01% components
  • Active flltering
  • 1024 byte DAC
  • All Nematic and Ferroelectric LC properties of LCAS-1 and LCAS-2

Plus New features:

  • Direct K2 measurement
  • Automatic LC phase diagram
  • Dielectric loss spectra
  • Anchoring strength


CoolNhot Box

The CoolNhot box is a self-contained heater-cooler that is capable of automatically gathering data from -20 to 120 C. All properties that the LCAS can measure can be programmed into the CNH box to provide a turn key solution for property vs. temperature profiling.